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About Me

My Background

Patricia Stutzka Castillo's mixed media art runs from Day of the dead, to robots, to zen creatures of her own design. Found object anatomy pieces and Samurai cats round out some of her favorite subjects. Something you will find in every painting and sculpture is an attention to detail. Working from her home studio in La Mesa California, is where you will often find her happy, and paint splattered.

My Medium

Patricia works in Acrylic and watercolor paints. She also sculpts both in clays and 3D renderings. Working on anything from wood panels, canvas, resin, old boxes or clocks, to anything else the cat drags in. Patricia also works with toys from other makers, and will repaint, or re sculpt, creating a new finished work. She fills the above with all things painted, sculpted, sewn, needle felted, welded, casted, and discovered. The wide variety of mediums, subject matters, and ideas is where the idea for "Cat Drag Studio" came from.

My Inspiration

  Always practicing her craft, she enjoys working in vivid colors, and motifs to give even the darkest of subject matters a bright feeling.  Patricia pulls inspiration from anything macabre, cast out, or forgotten. She also enjoys inspiration from animals, her own or the zoo, her Husband, and anything that strikes a feeling. A driving force for Patricia, was the loss of her father. While having a life long passion for art, it really started to grow for her in her late twenties. Desperate to survive loosing her father, her best friend, she threw herself into her artwork. In this she found peace, solace, and in time, joy again. The best part of Patricia's creative discovery, has been sharing that healing with others.

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